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Welcome to Arab Bridge

Arab Bridge is a professional Language Service Provider in Middle East with extensive expertise in most of the Asian, African, European languages & good exposure into Automotive, Banking, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, IT, Telecommunication and e-Learning sectors; our language services & solutions rendered to businesses of all sizes, whether it's a single word translation or multi coded software applications or huge technical contents.

As the name indicates, Arabic is our business language and requirements from it could be translated into all the languages. Also it doesn't mean that we're good in Arabic alone, instead we're strong enough to meet your quality expectations in all our served languages. Beside are our frequent working language pair in which we serve the customers every day.
  • Arabic ‹› Englishالعربية ‹› الإنجليزية Persian ‹› Englishانگليسی ‹› فارسی French ‹› EnglishFrançais ‹› Anglais
  • German ‹› EnglishDeutsch ‹› Englisch Japanese ‹› English和訳 ‹› 英訳 Spanish ‹› EnglishEspañol ‹› Inglés
  • Russian ‹› EnglishРусский ‹› английский Ukrainian ‹› EnglishУкраїнська ‹› англійська Chinese ‹› English中国 ‹› 英语
  • Italian ‹› Englishitaliano ‹› inglese Turkish ‹› EnglishTürkçe ‹› İngilizce Hebrew ‹› Englishאנגלית ‹› עברית
  • Greek ‹› EnglishΕλληνικά ‹› Αγγλικά Tamil ‹› Englishதமிழ் ‹› ஆங்கிலம் Hindi ‹› Englishहिन्दी ‹› अंग्रेज़ी
  • Urdu ‹› Englishانگريزی ‹› اردو Bengali ‹› Englishবাাংলা ‹› ইাংরেজী Gujarati ‹› Englishગુજરાતી ‹› ઇંગલિશ
Pricing starts at $0.06 USD / Word
Certificate translations $25 USD
Hourly rates $30 USD/hour
Quick turn around 5000 translated words / Day
100% Quality output

Certificates of Birth, Death, Degree, Diploma, Marriage; employment contracts, PCC, Visa Pages, Letter correspondences are translated within couple of hours – Hard copy shipped to your address on the same day

Apart from the above, we have necessary talent for the following languages as well

  • Bulgarian

  • Dutch

  • Finnish

  • Malay

  • Nepali

  • Portuguese

  • Serbian

  • Swedish

  • Thai

  • Vietnamese

From the above composition, we are confident enough to say YES for all the language requirements(also won't hesitate to say NO if there aren’t required capabilities).

This is very evident from past experience which could be proved from the highly referable clientele. Want to hear about it? Reach us so that we would be delighted to give the reference.


  • Mr. Robin Mareical, Vienna, Austria

    Thanks. We certainly appreciate the quality of translation received from you. In fact during my last visit to Egypt and Sudan, it helped me a lot to present in front of crowd which are more Arabic speaking. I also got special request from my client in Egypt to hand over these presentations to him as it can be used as a learning manual for his team, that shows that the translations was excellent and people who understand less English can also go through it to understand the points which we want to put forward.

    Many thanks for your help and look forward to seek your help in future for many different project that comes in.

    A special thanks to you for getting it done in very short span of time.

  • One of our trusted customers for 5+ years, Media Translation

    We (confidential) have been getting regular translation services from Arab Bridge and very much satisfied with their turnaround and Quality of work.

    Arab Bridge provide us Arabic translation` services for on a regular basis.

    They were able to understand the customer need in terms of quality & timeline which made us to continue our journey for nearly 5 plus years.

    Also they were able to support us in case of clarifications we had during our work process.

    Dependable & reliable quality of work!!!

  • Mis. Karen Conrad

    Arab Bridge has been able to live up to our expectations in deliverables consistently.

  • Vitoria E.Stiles, Seattle (WA) USA

    Hana promptly provided an excellent quote for a 50 page transcript. Once the work began, he communicated the progress of the translation, which was finished ahead of schedule. The translation was well done, and sent without delay upon final payment. I would use Arab Bridge again.

For more feedback, please write to info@arabbridge.org 

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